Cautionary Tales of Recklessness, Stupidity, and Insensitivity

NTSB via FAA. Wreckage from a 2019 plane crash that was part of a gender reveal stunt in Texas.

Oh, boy — or, perhaps, oh, girl? In a time when gender identity can be far from a person’s assigned sex at birth, many parents-to-be are still making the revelation of a baby’s gender a dramatic event, with aspirations of “going viral” on social media. While experts have said they don’t see the cultural phenomenon of gender reveals going away, in the last few years gender reveals have led to plane crashes, deaths, criminal charges, and civil penalties. Is it time for them to stop, once and for all?

When gender reveals first started, common activities were cutting a cake…

Source: Daily Commercial — Leesburg Airport

One can appreciate a legal opinion that tells a dramatic story. Although they are not written for our entertainment, the best judicial opinions leave readers wanting more details. The facts laid out by Judge A. Raymond Randolph in Paul Lindsay v. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB); Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), 47 F.3d 1209 (D.C. Cir. 1995), do not disappoint in satisfying our desire for a gripping aviation story and administrative courtroom drama.

The legal opinion of Lindsay vs NTSB; FAA, coupled with the supporting coverage in the Orlando Sentinel and Tampa Bay Times, offers a colorful narrative. Journalist Jerry Fallstrom…

Valerie Smith

Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, Aircraft Dispatcher & Writer

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