• Emma Garland

    Emma Garland

    Writing copy and ghost writing. Bringing stories to the masses. Email emmagarland77@yahoo.co.uk IG @emmmgar

  • Leslie S. Whitaker

    Leslie S. Whitaker

    Head in the clouds, feet on the ground. I’m a Pro Film/ TV nerd, Mama, a Social Justice / Equality Advocate, a Colombian-American Adoptee, and so much more…

  • Bob Dumont

    Bob Dumont

    Writer. Programmer. Dad. Husband. Concerned.

  • Jamie Fiore Higgins

    Jamie Fiore Higgins

    Writer, Mom, Lifepath Discoverer

  • Simon Doherty

    Simon Doherty

    I’m a London-based writer and this is my blog. You can read my VICE articles here: https://www.vice.com/en/contributor/simon-doherty

  • Linda Guest

    Linda Guest

    I specialise in ghostwriting but write here as myself. I am interested in education, social justice and the human condition. linda@appliedthinking.co.uk.

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